Digital lock - Mfg. By Lagard
Installed on new safe    $125.00
(in either chrome or gold finish)

Securam -dual action lock, opens by either
electronic keypad or mechanical combination lock.
Good for those that worry about EMP bombs or
electronic lock failure.

Interior Lighting To increase visibility inside of safe,
turns on & off automatically when door opens and closes.

Protect your guns from moisture. Especially important if safe is located
in an unheated/non-air conditioned area.

Dri-Rod -Electric
12” heating element -$25.00
18” heating element -$30.00

Eva-Dry moisture absorbers are the newest form of safe dehumidifier.
When color indicators indicate that they need to be dried out; simply
remove from safe and plug into any wall outlet -leave overnight and
the next day they will be dried out and ready to be placed back into
safe. Use over and over they will last for years.
Eva Dry 300-(for smaller safes) $25
Eva Dry 500- (for larger safes) $30